Moderate functionality not working on click

I am trying to achieve the moderate button functionality on click, but in my case, the behavior is a bit different for More button which I am unable to figure out why.

Steps to reproduce on Telligent community:
1. Click Site URL:
2. Click on More button. 
3. Inspect More button.

Expected Behavior: You will notice a Div is created with class name "links-popup-panel" 
4. Again Click on More button on second reply/post.
5. Again inspect the More button which you clicked now.
Expected behavior: You will notice the same Div's content is updated. And the More button links are working on click.

The same functionality I want to achieve in my Dynamics Community Site, But I am seeing below 3 challenges:

1. My more link is not working on click. but it is working on hover by default. 
2. When I hover on More button on any reply/post and inspect it(step #4 & #5) I am seeing different Divs created every time. where each Div has a separate container with the same class.
3. Also in my case, class name created is "content-moderation" instead of "links-popup-panel".

Can you let me know what JS is causing these changed behavior in my case? 

Thanks much!