Issue with deploying site to other server


we've installed Telligent module on integration server and in the process to copy this to UAT server. We've copied the database and website on UAT and have created IIS binding for it. However, it looks like styles, lauouts etc are missing. I can see content and images only. when  l looked into filestorage folder, there are folders created with integration site URL reference. I am wondering if that's issue here as UAT site would have a different URL -

I am not sure why folders have been created with site URL but not with site name – this would surely create an issue while moving site from one server to another server ?

For example folder path on UAT server after copying from integration -C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Telligent\Web\filestorage\uifiles\2100\h\s\3fc3f82483d14ec485ef92e206116d49\g\5a9ebcc9049b4986a6716cde7706a61a\footer\1291327020\636929248872012127\http\communitycanneslions-integrationlionsfestivalscom


Any help would be greatly appreciated.