How can we disable auto save feature ?

Hi Telligent Team,

Every time I start typing the code in default Telligent editor autosave feature enables and it slows down the productivity.
So, Do we have the functionality to stop autosave features or if it works through a plugin then can we disable that plugin?

Rahul Jetli

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  • Till then it was saving the file Developer isn't able to edit or write

    This shouldn't be the case. The saving is in the background. You can continue to type, edit, add files, etc. whether or not it is in the middle of saving. You can mostly ignore that "saving" indicator, somewhat similar to Google Docs.

    I also tried shortcut but its also not work in chrome browser.

    What version are you on? It should be fully working in Chrome on Windows or Mac. But it's worth re-iterating that the shortcut effectively just makes the "saving" indicator go away quicker. It doesn't prevent or enable faster development.

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