Can non-contextual tokens be added to notification templates?

I'm a non-developer interested in modifying the default Comment Notification template:

I'm trying to figure out how to add this line at the beginning of the Notifications > Comments > Email Body:

A message from <Site Name> <Group URL>

The problem is these tokens aren't part of the Insert > Token dropdown menu.

In researching the documentation, I found this article that appears to indicate these tokens aren't available because they aren't contextually part of the template I'm editing:

Each template is a combination of rich text (HTML) and tokens. Tokens are programmatic placeholders into which contextual data related to the template being executed is placed.

For example, in a template for a notification email about a new blog post, a blog post will be contextually available (the new blog post for which the notification is being sent). Tokens related to information about the blog post (it's title, body, author, etc) are available to be placed into the template to include dynamic data related to the context of the notification to be included in the rendered template sent as the email notification.

Any guidance on how to get around this would be appreciated.



  • Hi Justin,

    "Site Name" should be in the token drop down, it should be easy to find on the initial Insert Token dropdown.

    Finding the group url requires a little knowledge of how we hierarchize information in Community. In short: the information you need is available contextually, you just have to find it first. In this instance, the immediate context is that of a Comment. You'll see a group of tokens on the dropdown like "Comment: ____". This shows what context items the Comment is linked to, and each of these linked items in turn reveal more tokens in context. For instance, selecting "Comment: Content" (ie, the content item this comment was created on) will display a new text editor box from which you can again Insert > Token. However, this time there will be more tokens to select from, namely a group that begins "Content: _____". Selecting a "Content: ____" token with further linked context will add even more possible tokens to choose from.

    In your case, you are looking for the Group Url. In order to find this, you first need to insert the "Comment: Container" token (Container is used as a more generic term for group), then insert the "Container: Url" token. Within the Container: Url token window, you probably would want to insert the Container: Name token to display as the link text for the url.