Updated files are not saved unless file name has changed--is this a feature?

We are finding that if we attempt to update an item by simply swapping out a new file, if the Word doc or other file has the same file name as the old file, the updated file is not saved. Is this a feature? Thank you! We are on Telligent 10.2.

  • What's the context? Are you updating a media gallery post via the UI? Does updating with a different file name work? If so, the workaround would be to update to a new file name and update again back to the old file name.

  • Thanks for asking, and for the suggestion. Yes, the context is updating a media gallery post via the UI. Updating with a different file name does work.

    If this is a feature--you must change the filename when you switch out a file in a gallery post--then we can educate around it, but it would be helpful if the UI made that clear. Is that possible? We have a lot of users maintaining content, and I'm not sure if I can catch everyone with this information.

    From a content management perspective, it's difficult for us if files can't be updated without changing the file name. We keep our working drafts in another system, and for clarity we try not to have many versions with different names--we use the version control capabilities of that other system. Educating all our users that they need to create a version of the file with a different name if they want the changes to "stick" is not ideal. However, if this is a feature of Telligent, it would be helpful to know. I'm not sure from your answer whether this is a Telligent feature...can you clarify?

    Again, thank you for your help.

  • I don't imagine it should work like that, but I'll raise the issue with the team. I've logged a ticket internally to look into this.

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