Unable to upgrade a database with a . in it's name


I've just tried updating a database from to

My database had a . in it's name (e.g. TestUpgrade.10) when I ran the upgrade script I got errors and a lot of (0 row(s) affected) messages than the normal patch messages:

Changing the databases name to remove the . and rerunning the script fixes the problem and the upgrade runs as normal:

Obviously not a common case, but had me scratching my head for a while!


  • A period in the name of the database shouldn't be an issue.  I've run it with a database with period in the name without issue.  Can you provide the actual message you receive?  

  • Hi Brian,

    There is no error message related to this, but as the screenshots show it runs through without displaying any of the patch execution messages, and doesn't appear to actually run any of the patches, eventually it hits a patch with a column that should have been added but hasn't and then fails on columns not existing.

    I've attached a copy of the output.

    Running on SQL Server 12.0.5000.



  • What appears to have happened is what happens when an error occurs the first time you run the upgrade script, then you reran in the same current correction to the db.  When an error occurs, to prevent the upgrade script from going through all schema patches after one errors, we throw a noexec which prevents the rest of the schema patches from running, however, it continues at creating views and procedures due to the go commands in that portion of the upgrade script. 

    If you don't close and reopen you connection, you'll get the output you provided.  There are no issues running a database with a period in the name.

    I'd highly recommend you restore your database to before the upgrade and rerun the upgrade.sql to ensure no errors were missed when it first ran against your version database. 

  • Yep, sorry that appears to be the problem, pretty odd to track down but makes sense.


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