Will there be an updated widget list for 10.x?

I love this widget list that is in the 10.x documentation: https://community.telligent.com/community/10/w/legacy-user-documentation/59369/widget-list

However, it says it's legacy user documentation and is accurate to Telligent 9. We are new to Telligent, so I don't know whether this list is essentially correct for 10.x or if there are any significant differences. Will there be an updated widget list for 10.x provided for the 10.x documentation soon? Thanks!

  • There isn't a more accurate public listing at this time. I'd recommend referring to the Widget List in Widget Studio (Administration > Interface > Widgets). This will always be a more accurate listing of what widgets are available to use, their descriptions, and their configuration options. It will also accurately reflect any custom or third party widgets too.