Add widgets to a custom provider



How do you add a widget to a custom widget provider?

I've created a custom widget provider by using IScriptedContentFragmentFactoryDefaultProvider. Which has been named 'My Widgets' with a GUID of '6527bfacb89240fba69d1894f3376ec0' and has been enabled via Administration > Interface > Default Widget Packages.

When creating a new widget there is no option to add it to a provider.

I've also tried the following but still doesn't add it to the custom provider:

  1. Add a new widget (via the Admin console)
  2. Export the widget (via the Admin console)
  3. Edit the widget's XML by adding the provider attribute (along with the provider guid as the value) to the scriptedContentFragment element
  4. Save and import widget back in (via the Admin console).


<scriptedContentFragment name="My First Widget" version="" description="" instanceIdentifier="aa44f29ddfb44f2a97b16645a3c1dd78" theme="" isCacheable="true" varyCacheByUser="true" showHeaderByDefault="false" cssClass="my-first-widget" provider="6527bfacb89240fba69d1894f3376ec0">

Thank you for your help in advance