Upload files to site root folder from widget code.


I am trying to upload files to site root folder, Which are visible on Administration>site>files  in the control panel.

I tried using cfs jquery glow selector. How can i save it permanently on site root folder.

  • Satish,

    Thank you for posting this. As a note, uploading via this built-in method won't put the file at the site root. It will only put the file in the root directory of the CFS that this functionality points to which should be fileStorageLocation/communityserver-components-sitefiles/ There isn't a built-in method to upload files directly into the site root or web root.

    In the example you provided there's one additional step. Once you've selected a file like you have above you need to click the upload button to finalize the upload request.

    If you've done that already, did you encounter an exception or error that you can pass along?

  • Thank you Michael kelly. I need the code to do this action when i click on the upload button. Is there an api which can store it to it on the site files path.

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