Reindex search after 9->10 upgrade

I'm trying to recreate my search index. I followed the info at but there's no change in the index (for example, it's still a 1KB file, and obvious results aren't returned; and from the Solr web console, the query tool returns 0 documents for *).

Is there a better/different way? I checked the Jobs service for errors and there are none, and no errors in the Solr logs, either. 

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  • Even though you came from an existing implementation here are a things to try/review:

    1. In 10x the url moved to the connectionstrings.config file. Confirm the location was change in both job and web. Job service actually does the indexing.
    2. 10.x ships with a newer, non-tomcat version of solr that by default runs under a different port that the 9.x version. Ensure you dont have any proxy or firewall rules affecting the indexing or search requests.
    3. Confirm the job is running or ran in Administration -> Monitoring -> Jobs -> Search Index
    4. Looks at the logs for search and see if thre are any incoming requests logged. If not, its a good sign either 1,2 or 3 above are happening.
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