Force Notifications to Mark All as Read

Having an issue with some users (not all moderation permission level) that are seeing "phantom" unread notifications in their site banner notification bubble. The prevailing theory is that these notifications were generated from items that were later cleaned up by Abuse Automation but not fully caught by the system to update the unread count for a deleted/suppressed post.

This started in our site running and persists in the upgrade to In version 10, using the full screen notifications page and filtering by notifications that aren't read, the list appears empty but the bubble count remains.

Using the mark all as read button at the top of the notification popdown doesn't  reset the number of unread notifications (likely because the offending items aren't in the paged display).

Is there a way, programmatically or in the GUI/Widget, to force all of the unread items to be marked as read with a bigger hammer than the check mark in the notifications section of the Site Header?

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