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Everytime we change the parent group of a particular one, an "internal" redirect its being created. Let's say we have this old URL: ~/support_communities/businessvision/f/businessvisionfeatures, where the parent group is "support_communities" and we want to change it to CA (Canada) the new URL will be something like: ~/ca/businessvision/f/businessvision-features, where the new Parent group will be "ca" (Canada). 

Based on that, if the site contains an old URL that points to ~/support_communities/businessvision/f/businessvisionfeatures and the user clicks it, it will be automatically redirected the new one. That is a common practice and we've been doing it for a long time, but suddenly, stopped to work for one particular group in our community resulting in an error not found page. 

Other groups where we performed similar parent group change, are still working. I've been doing some research and the only place I've found these internal redirects are beeing created is in the Database in a table called te_UrlRedirects. Performing a query pointing to the group that isn't working, I'm getting only 3 rows, which seems to be wrong since that particular group is huge.

So, based on the above:

  • Is that the only place where the redirects are being created/stored?
  • How is possible that the redirects just stopped to work or dissapear?
  • Is there a clean way to restore the redirects?

We are using Telligent 10.1.6

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  • Hey Mathew, I already applied the suggested solution and its working. Thanks for the support. I just have a couple of comments:

    • I checked back te_UrlRedirects table and I was expecting to have tons of results but still those 3, there might be another table to take a look?
    • Still wondering how those redirects can just dissapear
  • not sure at this point why it stopped working for you, if it happens again, maybe we can dig a little deeper and see if we can identify the cause.

    The redirects table might not need many records for the group redirect, the redirects match based on the start of the url.  So a redirect for ~/support_communities/businessvision should match any url that begins with that path.