Status of Telligent Connect for SharePoint

What is the current status of Telligent Connect with respect to connecting Telligent 10.1 to SharePoint 2016? 

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  • Hi Bill! Currently, we have SharePoint available on our GitHub repository for our customers to utilize and build against as they desire. Our Professional Services team has recently leveraged this code for a project using SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint online with Telligent Community version 10 as an example.

    Outside of the GitHub offering, we currently do not have plans to continue investing in the SharePoint connector as a product out of the box. We have decided to go this route so that our customers get the benefit of the code we’ve written, and the option to extend it to their specific needs.

    As I mentioned, we do have our Professional Services team that has an offering to build to your specifications as well as provide ongoing support if that is of interest. I can have Melanie reach out to you about this further if you’d like! Alternatively, just let me know if you have any questions and I’d be happy to help!