Moderation - Email Address Counts not working as expected

I have configured our environment for Moderation to allow 0 email addresses in content.  There is no Exempt content on the second tab. 

However, when I make a sample comment, the comment does not get automatically get flagged as abusive as I am expecting; it is still visible in the forum.  

Is there an additional configuration needed to make this work, or does this setting have a different outcome than I am expecting?


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  • There are two subtle rules that could be in play in your configuration:

    1. Members who can moderate content in an area of the community are never moderated. In other words, if you could approve your own content, it's not going to be moderated or flagged as abusive.
    2. Members who meet the reputation exemption configuration are exempt from abuse automation. You can adjust this configuration by going to Administration > Moderation > Moderation options are adjusting the Exempt Authors from Abuse Automation Minimum Reputation Percentile. This configuration allows trusted users (evaluated by their comparative reputation) to be exempt from abuse automation.

    A full description of abuse/automation workflows and configuration is available here: