New Gallery Content

If I have users who opt to receive notification from a gallery, is there a way for them to receive notifications every time new content is added to the gallery? Or is this option only available to the gallery owner? Right now the users are getting notified if there is comment or something similar on a piece of content that was previously posted, but not when new pieces of content are posted. 

  • If they have opted to receive gallery notifications, then thats exactly what it will do, notify them when new uploads happen.   There are 2 types of subscriptions, file and gallery, comments and such only happen when you are subscribed to the file.

    To subscribe to the gallery, go to the homepage of the gallery (/{group}/m/{gallery}  select the gear icon and 'Turn Gallery Notifications On'

  • So, just to clarify, in the case that a user does "Turn Notifications on" It should indeed alert them when new files are uploaded?

    Do you know if they would also receive a notification if previously uploaded but unpublished gallery files are published?

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