Customers complaining about silence of notifications

Hi all,

I asked one of our super users in the last 30 days if he had any feedback and the one thing he said is how he doesn't receive any notifications anymore. I noticed that OOTB even if the members are auto-added as members to groups, there are no notifications automatically turned on. When I think about my user experience, I like that I've been able to choose which groups to follow and get notifications from, but in our case we auto-add our members to a select number of groups so I definitely want them to have their notifications turned ON first then dial it down from there.

How do I make this happen?

In the meantime... I think I have to send an email out to our roles to adjust their settings to get the emails they want, but as a new user comes in I need them to update their settings asap so I need this.

Has anyone come across the same issue? Have you fixed it with a script? Workaround?

*disclaimer: this really is more of a discussion, but I'll verify some answers that might address this!

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  • The whole notification engine is a permanent headache if you ask me and could use a total rethink. It needs to be much more immersive and context aware. For instance, when you create a new Calendar application right now, people need to subscribe to know that events are happening. That is pretty insane, so what do you do? You do a campaign in your outreach engine and point to the event. The whole thing is clunky and as functional as an "Indian motorcycle gear shift" (suicide clutch). The good news is that the engine is there but what we need is and intuitive way to let a user subscribe/unsubscribe to content. For that I challenge the Telligent team to do some CX and Service design sessions with us and hammer out this once and for all. We, for instance, could use the mechanism used to manage the system (black pen) or during platform upgrade (yellow bell) and have something that is always with them. The menu is then context sensitive

    We then also should allow a person to select which channel s/he want the notifications to appear. The community only works if the notifications are showing in the Communication channel a user is in. More and more people are not even looking at email anymore hence my previous remarks about Slack and Teams.

    I have customized the Notification engine so that people can use our own App


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