Install Telligent on distributed system


Im trying to install Telligent on three machines, two of them work as frontend, and the third  is the application server.

I'm following this guide.

I have installed the DB, Search, but I'm stuck on Website step.

In fact when I try to visit the community site from the frontends, I only get a blank page.

I have configured the first two machines such as they have the Web folder under D:\Telligent, and the application server has the folders Search, FileStorage and JobServer.

FileStorage is a shared network folder and it is included in the connectionStrings.config file, but still I get a blank page on both machines.

My guess is that FileStorage does not have all the files it needs in fact here are the folders created after I try to connect to the application server fron either one of the frontends:

Is there any step I'm missing?

Any help will be very appreciated.

Thank you.


I tried to have the filestorage folder directly in the web servers instead of sharing it, and I can only see the page correctly on one of those.

Makes me wonder whether the location of the folder is right i.e. should be shared or local on the web servers.

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