Event Calendar - Calendar Widget - Links icon missing until page is scrolled

I have noticed that on the default version of the 10.1.6 "Event Calendar - Calendar" widget that when a page with this widget is initially loaded the little cog icon that should be at the top right for calendar links is missing. As soon as I scroll the page any amount the icon appears as it should. 

I have looked at the HTML in the web page and initially after page load the the content that should be there for the cog icon is is empty. 

<div class="navigation-list navigation" data-minlinks="0" data-maxlinks="0" data-reflow-wait-check-count="0" data-reflow-wait-timeout="null"></div>

After any scroll, it is populated.

<div class="navigation-list navigation" data-minlinks="0" data-maxlinks="0" data-reflow-wait-check-count="0" data-reflow-wait-timeout="null" data-finalized="true"><div class="container"><ul style="list-style: none; padding: 0px; margin: 0px; overflow: hidden; visibility: visible;"><li style="display: none;"><a data-messagename="widget.fragment-101257.calendarSubscribe" data-calendarid="152" data-subscribed="false" href="#" style="display:none">Turn Calendar notifications on</a></li><li style="display: none;"><a data-messagename="widget.fragment-101257.calendarSubscribe" data-calendarid="152" data-subscribed="true" href="#">Turn Calendar notifications off</a></li><li style="display: none;"><a href="/business_rooms/testing_room/c/152/rss" class="internal-link rss"><span></span>RSS</a></li><li><a href="#" data-more="">More</a></li></ul></div></div>

I haven't yet figured out what piece of JavaScript is causing the links to be populated. But it would seem this should be populated at page load and not after a page scroll. Bug?