Clearing Forum & Blog Subscriptions For Users Via The REST API

I'm looking to bulk unsubscribe users from Forums (and Blogs ideally too) using the Rest API.

I can see there is an endpoint that might allow me to do this but it doesn't say what the parameters are:

If it requires me to send an userid, application id and flag to subscribe/unsubscribe, this isn't going to be great as I will have to loop over all users and all applications.

Ideally I'd be able to send no application id and clear all subscriptions for a user.

I also saw some issues reported with this here:

If none of this is possible then are my only options to run an DB Script, e.g:

delete from [te_Blog_BlogSubscriptions]

delete from cs_TrackedSections

delete from cs_TrackedThreads

Although I'm not sure where Forum thread and forum subscriptions are tracking in v10 as these tables don't seem to exist in the DB now. Have they been renamed/moved?

Any advice on this would be much appreciated.



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  • Subscription listing for any user is not supported. You'd need to impersonate each user, retrieve their subscriptions, and then unsubscribe from specific subscriptions.

    The list endpoint (GET api.ashx/v2/application/subscriptions) takes:

    1. ContainerId (Guid, optional)
    2. ApplicationTypeId (Guid, optional)
    3. TypeId (Guid, optional)
    4. IncludeSubContainers (bool, optional)
    5. PageSize (int, optional)
    6. PageIndex (int, optional)

    The set endpoint (PUT api.ashx/v2/application/subscriptions) takes:

    1. ApplicationId (Guid, required)
    2. ApplicationTypeId (Guid, required)
    3. IsSubscribed (bool, required)
    4. TypeId (Guid, optional)