Telligent support on this one but they have not been

We are working with Telligent support on this one but they have not been able to determine the cause so far and the problem is becoming urgent. Has anyone else experienced a problem in version 10.0 whereby members seemingly randomly are left with stale browser cache, yielding various symptoms like certain widgets not rendering (for example the replies area of forum threads is blank), or the page generally being completely messed up. Below is an example symptom. 

The solution to this problem is always to refresh cache using the shortcut CTRL+F5, but we need to find the root cause of this issue as it impacts many members. We have not yet been able to determine the pattern or cause and were hoping someone else may have some ideas. Our one observation is that this seems to correlate with changes being made to our site (hosted by Telligent) such as the site theme, CSS, etc, but we are not certain.

  • The underlying issue is within multiple node environments with certain data caches that are not expired across nodes. For example, if you change a setting on webNodeA, webNodeA is updated and will force all visitors to load the changes (as of 10.1), however, webNodeB will not know about the changes for a period of time (until its cache expires) and will not force visitors to load the changes until it knows about the changes.

    For very specific types of data, Telligent does push cache expirations to all nodes, however, not all theme-related data types are affected. We're working on making distributed cache expiration more global. In the meantime, even CTRL+F5 will not solve the caching issue.

    Distributed cache expiration is something we're working on for our next release, but I've logged a bug to prioritize addressing the immediate theming need in a current release:


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    '#105949 Theme changes are not immediately distributed/visible on all nodes' has been completed for 3/2018 - March Service Pack.