Sitecore integration- best approach


I have a Sitecore website and want to integrate forums into the website. I have downloaded Telligent Community Edition for evaluation purpose. I have setup TC as separate website.

Right now, I have 2 websites - one for Sitecore and another for Telligent. My original intention is to run Telligent right inside Sitecore so that the URL looks like http://my-sitecore/forums.

I have gone through documentation on integrating Telligent with external website but it lacks clear explanations (or I didn't fully understand what it meant!). Here are few posts I have referred - and as part of bringing Telligent to existing website. Apart from this, I have seen Social Sitecore SDK and Social Sitecore SDK Samples.

Here is my doubt.

  1. If I am going to integrate TC to existing Sitecore website, can I use the Views of TC?
  2. Does both Sitecore and TC co-exists in the same website and I only need to wire-up SSO between them?
  3. Or do I need to fully implement forum (Views, functionality, etc.) from scratch using Social Sitecore SDK?

More clearly, how the development looks like if I am bringing TC into existing Sitecore website? It would be great if anyone can guide me.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.