You've gone offline. Attempting to reconnect

Strange warning from tabs pointed at the Telligent connect after signing out...

You've gone offline.  Attempting to reconnect...

I know, I've logged out - don't both reconnecting me (that would be a security issue).

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  • The issue resolved above for 10.1 was to prevent this error for members that log out of one tab but have remaining tabs open. Is that what you're seeing?

    That said, it shouldn't be license-related. As long as you're logged in, nothing in the platform should be returning a 403 from that endpoint. We have seen occasional issues before where proxy configuration would prevent web sockets, server-sent events, or long polling -- all automatically negotiated over socket.ashx.

    This, along with your other thread do make we wonder if some broader issue may be at work here. I'd still recommend opening a support ticket to help more deeply analyze the upgrade and potentially review an HTTP trace. My apologies if you've already taken these steps.

  • We don't have a proxy, so I've opened a support case.