3 Questions to Determine if you need a Community

Many companies assume they are fully utilizing social media to communicate with their consumers.  However, there are several ways to further this communication strategy and to learn what your consumers truly think about your products and services; and, how to position your solution as technology and markets mature over time. 

Ask yourself three questions:

  1. Are your consumers truly engaged?
  2. Can your consumers quickly navigate and troubleshoot via your channels?
  3. Is your organization thinking about Digital Marketing?

An online community can help your organization answer these questions and more.   The benefits of a community are endless when you properly utilize communication.


Engage with your customers

Your customers stay engaged due to fresh, daily content, created by other customers. This is free content added to what your marketing department has already developed. Content drives traffic and more traffic brings other members to your community, who in turn will begin to contribute, turning your organization’s Community into a valued online warehouse of dynamic content.


Navigate and troubleshoot problems

A Community allows your consumers and user groups to ask other users about your products and services. You’ll instantly have an extension to your customer support team. Not only will this relieve your internal customer support team, via call-deflection, lengthy chats, etc. but other customers will be able to troubleshoot and provide the answers their peers need … all within minutes of interacting with the community.


Digital Marketing

An online community is a powerful digital marketing tool for creating another channel to interact with your customers. Today customers tend to seek the channel of least resistance when they have a problem. This means they go online and search, interact with peers on Twitter and do everything possible to avoid opening a support case. An online community provides a great support platform, but also another digital marketing tool for enabling the brand to publish information to its customers.


If you would like to learn more about how an online community can help. We’d love to chat!