• Wed, Jun 7 2017

    Social Marketing in an Online Community

    Social Marketing in an Online Community Two key channels for social marketing include social networks and your website. Today, brands are using these two critical digital channels much more to increase their brand footprint. More than likely, you are...
    • Wed, May 17 2017

    Helping Those Who Help Babies To Hear

    Communities of Practice are challenging. But the results can change the profession you work in for the better, and maybe even make the world a better place. How’s that for a reason to go social? Hearing First is an organization that suppo...
    • Tue, Mar 21 2017

    Does My Organisation Need An Online Community?

    A quick Google search of ‘the benefits of an online community’ provides a plethora of encouraging results; from reducing support tickets, increased customer satisfaction, customer retention and advocacy, to improving SEO, increasing produ...
    • Tue, Jan 31 2017

    What is the value of an Online Social Community?

    Thinking about creating an online social community for your organization? Check out this awesome Whitepaper by The Aberdeen Group with some great ROIs that you can use to show the benefits of community. Report Highlights: - Companies with an onl...
    • Thu, Nov 3 2016

    The Benefits of Online Social Communities over Other Forms of Social Networks

    If I asked whether your business was active on social media, you’d probably answer quite quickly with a “yes!” If I asked whether you were seeing the results expected from your investment, I am not too convinced you’d confidently answer another “yes.” For many brands, their social media efforts are not providing the results in which they were hoping and many are realising that social media just isn’t the place to build…

    • Wed, Jul 27 2016

    What is the Biggest Fear For Launching a Customer Community?

    In the past, organizations biggest fears of launching a social community was that the community would be misused, abused and have vulgarity they couldn’t control. But, that isn’t the case – customer communities exist for a purpose: to find answers, share experiences, share feedback and connect with the organization and other customers.

    Many organizations realized that their biggest fear (negative feedback…

    • Tue, Jun 7 2016

    3 Questions to Determine if you need a Community

    Many companies assume they are fully utilizing social media to communicate with their consumers.  However, there are several ways to further this communication strategy and to learn what your consumers truly think about your products and services; and, how to position your solution as technology and markets mature over time. 

    Ask yourself three questions:

    1. Are your consumers truly engaged?
    2. Can your consumers quickly navigate…
    • Fri, May 27 2016

    5 reasons for a community

    I work with customers every day, from varying industries and with different missions, all trying to figure out how to give their customers a voice and build a unique experience. We help by providing a tool to enable companies and individuals come tog...
    • Thu, Apr 28 2016

    Six ways colleges and universities can benefit from an online community

    Colleges and universities bring people together from around the world to study, learn and network. It’s no surprise that the world’s largest social network, Facebook, was created at a University. But, while social networks have a role, there is also an opportunity for more dedicated online communities too.

    1. Not everything is social: Social networks provide outlets for students and faculty to connect and share…