We are announcing the release of another open source project to GitHub, the SAML Authentication plugin:


SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is an open-standard for enabling single-sign-on between your community and other applications or websites.  You can learn more about SAML here.

Important points:

  • The SAML plugin is tested for Telligent Community 9.0.
  • The plugin extends the current OAuth provider framework to accept SAML 1.1 and SAML 2.0 tokens via HTTP Post Bindings.
  • The plugin exposes custom events to enable developers to create environment specific workflows to better manage the single-sign-on experience, profile synchronization, and member lifecycle.

Like our other open source projects, we’re publishing the code to help our customers and partners use these integration's themselves and to help them understand how to build on the Telligent platform.

And of course we’re open to taking pull requests from our developer community too.