Help us help you: Request a demo

One of my primary responsibilities as a Sr Solutions Advisor for Telligent is delivering product demonstrations. It's something  and I do multiple times a week for new and existing customers.

So... why should you request a demo

First off, delivering a #demo is the best way to show off what Telligent Community can do and how it can be used to address business issues, like enabling your customers to help each other using support forums, or creating a social intranet that allows your employees to share information and collaborate with each other inside the firewall. Sure, you could just read the use case descriptions, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, then an interactive demo must be even more valuable. 

Next, it's an opportunity for you to ask questions about what Telligent Community can do. Again, reading product overviews and analyst reports is a good start, but there's really no substitute for seeing the product in action. And once you do, it's likely to lead you to ask questions that start with "how would I...?" or "can we...?" Answering questions really is my favorite part of doing product demos.

Last, and I'll admit to being a bit selfish here, it helps us in a couple ways: 

  1. The more demos we deliver, the better we understand how our customers are using Telligent Community, and that helps us sharpen how we demonstrate the features and functions that are of the most value to you
  2. When you have a question that needs additional follow-up, it gets back to our product development and professional services teams to make sure we are continuously improving our product and building solutions that best meets your needs

Act now! Supplies are limited!*

* Note: supplies are not limited.